We back extraordinary founders building the next generation of healthcare infrastructure.

Ari Caroline
Ari Caroline
CEO & Co-Founder

AI platform streamlining the drug development process.

Austin López-Gómez
Austin López-Gómez
CEO & Co-Founder

The first clinical care transition platform for surgery.

Autumn-Kyoko Cushman
Autumn-Kyoko Cushman
CEO & Co-Founder

Leveraging AI for seamless sourcing to integration of temporary healthcare providers.

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We are thesis-driven investors backing health tech startups working to transform healthcare in the US.




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High conviction

We’re happy to be the first check into the most promising health tech startups

Our value punches above our check size



We're excited about early-stage health tech and we've built a broad network of advisors to support founders through the earliest stages of building.

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We’ve been in your shoes

As past operators ourselves, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and help you execute as needed. Your success is our success.


Trust and transparency

We foster an open and trusting environment with our portfolio companies - we want to be the first person you call when you need support.

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